Saturday, December 17, 2011

Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Comparing to other diseases, cholesterol is becoming a fuss in everyone’s life. Buy do you know what is this cholesterol??? Actually you can easily visualize these over the dairy products, shellfish and organ meats. It is gets stored within every cell of the body and it is true that it actually helps in the digestion of food and the production of hormones. But this cholesterol should be carried via lipoproteins. If the level of these lipoproteins is low then it affects the body but it the level is higher, then it is definitely good for the body. 

The blood stream carriers the lipoproteins and the cell extract the cholesterol as required for the production of hormones and other necessary biological elements within the body. But after extraction it simply levels the rest which is then get deposited within the arteries leading to obstruction causing massive heartache. 

It is said that healthy lifestyle habits always helps you to stay fit in every possible aspect. This encompasses food, diet, exercises and many more. All in a collective way will constitute perfect healthy lifestyle habits.
  1. Eating healthy: You must in take all green foods those are best of the season. Eat less fatty foods; drink maximum water and fruit juices. It will be better if you maintain a regular diet for yourself to combat almost all the diseases.
  2. Exercise: You must go for free hand shots or even a long walk. This will help in proper blood circulation and healthy development of the body.
  3. No Smoking at all: Quit smoking or else it will hamper your body and mind.
  4. No Alcohol or hard beverages: Alcohol level excite the cholesterol levels within the body.
  5. Sound Sleep: To maintain proper functioning of the body you need to go for having a sound sleep.

But do not save yourself with the drugs like statins. This will not save your triglycerides but on the other hand giving you some unhealthy side effects. But the survey shows that one of every two person is having an addiction to go for these drugs. This actually gives you a relief for the time being but on the other hand this will make you go nuts with the statins side effects. The statins side effects will cause muscle pain, headache, block squalene, pain in the joint and muscle and many more. Thus it will be wise to go for the healthy lifestyle habits without switching over to the statins and simvastatin.


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